Waste collection in Vught

Some information about waste collection in Vught. Waste is collected door-to-door from mini bins.

Residual waste
The grey bins are used for residual waste. This waste – which includes coffee cups, nappies and polystyrene – cannot be separated any further and will be collected for incineration. We will empty these bins once every four weeks.

Organic waste
The green bins are used for organic waste, for example, food and garden waste. We will empty these bins once every two weeks.

Wastepaper and cardboard should be collected in a box.  We will collect these boxes once every two weeks.

We use special bags to collect plastic packaging, tins and drink packaging. Examples include yoghurt and milk cartons, empty bins and shampoo bottles. You can pick up the special bags free-of-charge from City Hall, libraries or recycling centres. These plastic bags are collected once every two weeks.

Glass is collected in special glass containers located near supermarkets.

When do we collect your waste?
You can check the collection dates at https://vught.nl/afvalkalenderexterne-link-icoon. Alternatively, download the Afvalstoffendienst app.